Common Orthodontic Issues

“Not every patient’s life will change with orthodontic care. But many lives will change. And in many cases we are able to predict this outcome when treatment begins ... unbeknownst to the patient.

“It may take awhile ... but at some point in time during treatment a real personal connection will be established ... the patient realizes that you do really care about them. And the heartfelt respect and congeniality flows both ways. They become genuinely thankful for the service you are trying to provide.” — Thomas Kuhn

Crowding and Rotations

crowding of the teeth before
crowding of the teeth after

Anterior open bite 

open bite before
open bite after


Excessive overbite (vertical overlap)

deep overbite before
deep overbite after


Missing teeth

missing lateral incisors before
missing lateral incisors after


Crossbite (Upper teeth inside lower teeth)

underbite before
underbite after

Interdental spacing 

spacing of teeth before
spacing of teeth after


 Excessive overjet (horizontal protrusion)

overjet before
overjet after
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