What Sets Us Apart

The Madison Orthodontic Centers’ Philosophy

Dr. Kuhn and the Madison Orthodontic Centers staff believe in treating each patient the way we would want to be treated. In that spirit, we deliver exceptional service, concentrating on the quality of results and your treatment experience.

Great smiles are best made when the cooperation and respect between the patient, parent, orthodontist, and office staff are great also.

We may be just what you’re looking for, because your smile may be just what everyone’s looking at!

Any organization or business that becomes too large or grows too fast inherently becomes cumbersome, less responsive ... less personable than when it was smaller. For example: artificial intelligence and automated, computerized answering services are not always acceptable substitutes for human to human interaction.

We have all experienced the frustration of trying to communicate with a machine that just doesn’t understand what we need. That’s not something you’ll find at Madison Orthodontic Centers.

This “small is good” feature is one of Madison Orthodontic Centers’ distinguishing characteristics ... what differentiates us from larger dental/orthodontic clinics. We can immediately address unexpected appointments or needs.

Because of our small size, we are better prepared to be spontaneous and responsive to your needs, whatever they may be. Our smaller size makes us more flexible and therefore more accommodating. We are honest and will inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of available treatment modalities and products.

Dr. Kuhn will decline to treat any patient if he does not think he can meet their treatment goals.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to provide you and your family with the level of orthodontic care you deserve. Learn more by scheduling a complimentary initial exam at our Monona orthodontic office.

Judge us in person. See what we’re all about! We think you’ll like it! We may be just what you’re looking for!!!

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